I’m Tad Harvey

If you want to impress your clients, it’s time to write an effective lawyer biography. This will help you establish a connection with your clients, prospective clients, and referring attorneys. In addition, a bio will help you stand out from the crowd of law firms on the web. There are several tips to follow when writing a biography to stand out and speak to the right audience.

First, it’s important to emphasize your expertise. The bio section of your website is one of the most viewed pages. Your potential clients will be interested in your background and qualifications. However, don’t go overboard. While you can include your hobbies and family life, don’t give too much personal information.

Secondly, a lawyer biography is the first introduction a client will get to you, and it should highlight your most notable accomplishments. It should provide information about your legal practice, experience, and education. It should also be search-friendly. In addition, a biography should include your location and firm name. You can also include keywords to maximize online searches for your bio.

Another way to make a lawyer’s biography stand out is to include an example of their work. For example, a fictional biography might mention a client testimonial in 40-point type, which shows that they are a respected attorney. A longer biography might mention awards, which help to distinguish lawyers from their competitors. They also lend extra third-party credibility to their qualifications, boosting the confidence of potential clients.