Inquisitive Insights Online

Inquisitive Insights Online

Inquisitive Insights Online people have a natural curiosity about everything. They ask “why” a lot and don’t waste time on electronic games or senseless movies. They want to learn and grow. They’re also open minded, willing to consider new ideas and perspectives. This trait supports active listening and promotes adaptability — both critical to success at work.

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Curiosity enables these individuals to sift through information and find reliable sources, a necessary skill in our info-rich age. They are willing to change their opinions as new evidence is presented and they are constantly seeking out ways to improve themselves, both personally and professionally. They are also good listeners, able to understand and respect others’ points of view.

These qualities enable them to develop creative solutions and deliver results that exceed expectations. They’re the ones who look for the big picture and are able to connect the dots to uncover hidden opportunities.

Manish (Manie) Bahl is the founder and CEO of Curious Insights, an insights company that blends quantitative data with qualitative human stories to capture market nuances. He founded this organization after realizing that despite the wealth of data available, the market research industry was missing a key element: understanding the subtle ways products and services impact people’s lives.

In this half-day workshop, you will immerse yourself in the behaviors, needs, wants and perceptions of your consumers through direct interview video highlights delivered in a digestible format that supports consumer-driven decision making. Designed for: Teams who need to unlock new ideas and better results.

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