Affordable Outboard Engine Repair

Affordable outboard engine repair can save you money in fuel efficiency and help prevent expensive repairs. If you have a lot of experience with mechanical work, it’s possible to save even more by tackling some simple repair jobs yourself. But, make sure to buy parts that are the right fit for your engine.

The basic cost of servicing your outboard will vary based on the brand/model, but you can estimate the costs of oil changes, lower unit fluid change/drive service and water pump replacement to run about $160-$190 when factoring in supplies & labor. Four stroke maintenance is slightly more expensive than two-stroke due to the higher cost of engine oil & filters.

Affordable Outboard Engine Repair: Quality Service on a Budget

Keep in mind that a mechanic’s time is a significant expense, too. He may have to travel from shop to shop to get your boat in for service, which will add to the cost.

Many marine shops offer a mobile service where the mechanic comes to you, saving you travel and hauling expenses. This can be a great option when the weather is good or you don’t have access to a boatlift. Just make sure to ask if the mechanic charges for this service or not. Many manufacturers will recommend a qualified mechanic for their engines, so check with Yamaha or Mercury customer service for recommendations. Then, you can be sure the outboard mechanic is a professional that will treat your boat with care. That will be an indicator that he has your best interests in mind.

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