Shop Weed Manitoba

Shop Weed Manitoba

Shop Weed Manitoba  is a one-stop-shop for all your cannabis needs. Find local licensed retailers, delivery services and medical marijuana doctors. Browse interactive maps with live menus updated in real-time, store amenities, hours of operation and contact information. Get valuable user reviews, weed deals and discounts on products from reputable marijuana stores near you. Easily compare products and pricing based on effects, flavors, genetics (indica, sativa or hybrid), activities, moods, terpenes, weight and more.

The provincial government aims for 90 percent of Manitobans to have access to legal cannabis within a 30-minute drive. The province is home to a number of large retail chains, including Delta 9, Jupiter Cannabis and Canna Cabana, but also has independent stores like Hiku/Tokyo Smoke in Winnipeg and Meta Cannabis Supply Co. in Pembina.

Bud from the Heartland: Exploring Manitoba’s Premier Cannabis Supply Options

Jupiter Cannabis owner Leslie Bekevich says her shop is focused on offering a wide variety of cannabis products to consumers. She believes the market may be oversaturated, but she’s optimistic about the future of her business.

She’s hopeful that more private retailers will open in the future, bringing competition and lower prices. But she’s not naive about the fact that the industry is still in its early days.

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