Weight Loss Supplements

With calorie restriction and increased exercise being cornerstones of weight management programs, many consumers turn to supplements that promise to curb appetite, boost metabolism or facilitate fat burn. This category of products, known as “weight loss supplements,” includes popular ingredients like caffeine, green tea extract (GTE), glucomannan, capsaicinoids, and Irish sea moss. While some have shown small amounts of success, many of these supplements don’t meet the criteria for being called a diet pill—namely, being clinically proven to support weight loss in conjunction with calorie restriction and physical activity.

From Pills to Powders: Exploring Different Forms of Weight Loss Supplements

In addition, eMule Anleitung are often marketed with claims that would be considered illegal if made about prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications. And, like other dietary supplements, weight loss supplements aren’t subject to the same rigorous FDA testing as medications. Some have been found to contain hidden ingredients such as prescription drugs, and have been associated with side effects including high blood pressure, seizures, stroke, and heart attacks.

If you are serious about losing weight, a registered dietitian can help you develop a healthy meal plan that will work for your lifestyle and health goals. They can also recommend safe prescription anti-obesity medications if needed. These can be used as adjunct therapy to a healthy eating plan, and are only available with a doctor’s recommendation.

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