Tennis Court Resurfacing

tennis court resurfacing

Tennis court resurfacing need regular resurfacing and repair work to maintain good playability. Resurfacing can range from a new color finish system to a full asphalt overlay(s). It is important to have your tennis court resurfaced every 4 to 8 years to keep the surface in ideal condition. Resurfacing your court will restore the shock absorbing capabilities of the surface, reduce the cracking and fading, improve drainage, and remove any sharp objects.

The resurfacing process typically takes three to six days to complete. During this time, your contractor cleans the tennis court of any dirt and debris. After the cleaning is completed, any cracks are filled with an acrylic crack filler. Low spots and depressions are repaired with a combination of specialty membrane systems, fiberglass reinforcement, or asphalt and concrete patching.

Enhancing Performance and Safety: Why Tennis Court Resurfacing is Essential

A 1″ overlay of hot plant mix asphalt may be used to correct minor surface problems in an existing asphalt tennis court. This construction method can provide a cost-effective solution to repairing a severely deficient or old asphalt court without major reconstruction. To help the new overlay adhere to the asphalt base, a tack coat or bond coat of emulsified asphalt should be applied.

Resurfacing your tennis court will help prevent cracking and fade over time. It will also improve the shock absorption of the court to make it a safer and more pleasant place to play. Our team can also advise you on the best ways to improve your court’s cushioning by adding an additional layer of material.

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