Shop Front Design

A successful Shop Front Design is a physical representation of your brand, it grabs the attention of passers-by, captivates them and invites them in to visit, linger and hopefully spend money. Whether you’re a new store opening in a bustling High Street or are taking over an old family shop, redesigning the frontage is a great way to attract customers and boost business.


Clear and striking signage is a key component to any shopfront. When designing, make sure it’s easy to read in the busy street; avoid using small text or fading colours that blend into the background. Incorporating different tiers is also a good idea, as people won’t always look up at your main sign above them.


In some cases the presence of a stall riser may be necessary for a particular type of business such as a shoemaker or tailor, however the scale and design of the stall riser should be in keeping with the building it is attached to. It should not be made too tall and should not extend below first-floor windows leaving a well-proportioned margin.

Street Rhythm

Shop fronts should always respect the overall character of the building they belong to and the surrounding area; this is particularly important in historic market towns where more traditional detailing should be used. Generally a degree of symmetry should be maintained where possible, however it is sometimes impossible to achieve this due to internal planning and intermediate columns or window mullions can help contribute some visual balance.

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