The Airizer Air 2 – The Small Yet Powerful Vaporizer

airizer air 2

When it comes to vaporizers that are small yet powerful, the airizer air 2 stands head and shoulders above most of its competition. With an isolated air path, high quality borosilicate glass stem, precise temperature control and amazing flavours this is one of the best vaporizers you can get your hands on!

The airizer air 2 is easy to use with a digital display that shows exactly what your device is doing. The larger buttons allow you to easily adjust the temperature in one or ten degree increments, choose between Fahrenheit and Celsius, as well as set the auto shut off timer and brightness.

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This vaporizer works well with both medium and finely ground herbs. The airflow is much better with the latter, but with either you’ll still get delicious, potent vapors. The borosilicate glass stem will show grime and build up quicker than most mouthpieces, so keep some isopropyl handy to wipe it down from time to time.

The Air 2 uses a replaceable rechargeable 3200mah 18650 battery and features pass-through charging. This means you can vape while it’s charging, which is a nice feature to have! Having an interchangeable battery is also great as it lets you swap out a dead one and have a fresh battery to power through your next session.

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