Induction Heating Services

Induction heating services offer a safe, fast, non-contact method of heating electrically conductive metals. It is the most precise, repeatable and energy efficient way to heat your workpieces. It also allows for cooling by water, which saves space over an oven or air-cooled system.

What is the advantage and disadvantage of heat treatment?

The process of induction heating works by applying an electromagnetic field to the metal surface through the induction coil, which is then cooled down by convection or a liquid-to-air cooler. The induced force (Faraday’s law) generated by the electromagnetic field in the coil causes the metal to heat up and react. The metal’s resistance to the induced force depends on its type and thickness, as well as its temperature. For this reason, the heating is very accurate, and the precise location of the heated area can be controlled.

The power supplied to the induction coil can be varying and controlled by frequency, which allows the operator to create different heating depths in the workpiece and achieve a wide range of thermal profiles. This means that a single machine can perform multiple tasks such as hardening, tempering, case hardening, shrink fitting and brazing.

Induction heat treating is ideal for automated production because it eliminates the need to manually adjust and control the equipment. It’s also very clean, and doesn’t throw off unpleasant smoke or dust like traditional furnace methods do. Because it can be used in the same room as other machinery, it also saves time and money by removing the need to transport parts between departments.

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