MLB Hot Picks

Mlb hot picks often make wagers based on their emotions and general gut instinct. The best MLB picks take emotion out of the equation and provide a data-driven, statistical analysis of each game. These MLB computer picks can give you the edge you need to win baseball bets.

Can MLB players be traded at any time?

The MLB Over/Under is a staple for any baseball handicapper’s betting toolbox. This wager is simple: you choose whether you think the combined total of all runs scored in a game will be Over or Under a set number of points. Our expert MLB handicappers analyze vital stats, pitching matchups, and injuries when making MLB Over/Under picks.

Why it’s hot: Considering that no player has recorded more than 230 hits in a season since Ichiro Suzuki in 2000, picking Arraez to eclipse that mark would be nothing short of impressive. He’s a prime power-hitting threat, and has been in excellent form to start the season.

Keeping up with daily pitching matchups and batting trends can be a huge boost when placing player prop bets. These types of bets are individualized for each player and ask you to predict specific events that could happen during the game. Some examples of these types of wagers include Will Mike Trout hit a home run and Will Gerrit Cole get seven strikeouts. Our MLB parlay calculator can help you calculate the potential payout on these kinds of bets.

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