SATX Epoxy Flooring Installers in San Antonio, TX

Epoxy flooring enterprise can install an epoxy coating to your home or commercial property in San Antonio, TX. This flooring is a durable, high-performance solution that will keep your floors looking good and feeling great for years to come!

Is epoxy cheaper than carpet?

Epoxy is a great option for commercial spaces, including restaurants and bars. It offers a clean, professional look that can improve your business’s productivity and customer service levels. It also helps with safety and security by creating a slip-resistant surface, and it doesn’t absorb oil or grease, making it ideal for warehouses and other industrial facilities.


From hangars to terminals, airports put a lot of demands on their floors. They need flooring that is safe, easy to clean, and dependable. SATX Epoxy Floors is proud to offer airport flooring that can meet these needs.

Retail Stores

For many stores, it is important to have a high-quality floor that shows off their products. Fortunately, epoxy is an affordable alternative to other types of floors.

Animal Shelters and Veterinarian Offices

If you own a pet hospital or veterinarian office, you know that floor maintenance is crucial for the health of your animals. Fortunately, epoxy is non-slip and easy to maintain, which makes it an excellent choice for these types of facilities.

Schools and Universities

For schools, epoxy is a cost-effective flooring solution that can keep classrooms organized and safe. It is also moisture-resistant, so it will help to prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

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