What is a Baby Rattle Toy?

baby rattle toy

A baby rattle toy is a type of baby toy that makes a noise when shaken. Babies love them, and they help them develop a number of different skills like hand and eye coordination, visual tracking, motor skills and sensory development.

Rattles come in all shapes and sizes, and some even look like animals, keys, flowers or musical instruments! Regardless of the shape, all baby rattles do two things that make them a hit with babies: they shake and make a sound.

They’re the first toys that show your baby that they can manipulate their environment and control their hands, which is crucial to their language and social development.

The Benefits of Using a Baby Rattle Toy for Your Child’s Development

It’s also one of the easiest toys to clean and sanitize: just wipe them down after every use with a damp cloth. Then, let your baby have fun shaking them around to make their own noises and discover the different sounds they can create!

You can find wooden rattles in a variety of shapes, plus plastic and cloth versions that feature cute animal characters or other designs. Do be careful when choosing a toy rattle for your baby, as they can get stuck in their mouth and choking hazards such as small beads or elastic that can break off easily can pose a danger.

Do buy a rattle that’s at least 2 inches wide to prevent your baby from accidentally clunking their head with it. And always read the package before buying a baby toy to ensure that it’s age appropriate for your child’s age.

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