Couples Counseling Flagstaff

Several mental health providers offer couples counseling Flagstaff. This type of counseling is highly personalized. It’s designed for couples who have difficulties in communication and who have reached an impasse in their relationship. These counselors will discuss why the couple seeks counseling, build a treatment plan, and help to untangle the issues.

Is paying for therapy worth it?

Several clinics in Flagstaff offer low cost or free counseling services. Some offer telehealth sessions and some offer in person sessions. Several clinics are located in university or public health departments.

Many mental health providers in Flagstaff are also certified to treat substance abuse and personality disorders. These include sex addiction, gambling, and work addiction. These addictions require expert care. Choosing a licensed therapist can help to restore a relationship and improve your emotional health.

Some therapists offer a sliding scale for clients on a budget. You may be able to receive reimbursement from your insurance for out-of-network providers. Some providers also accept payment through POS plans.

Couples therapy can help couples improve their communication skills, deal with anger and resentment, and improve their overall sense of wellbeing. After a few months of therapy, the couple may notice an improvement. During the initial session, the counselor will ask questions about the couple’s history and comfort level. The counselor will also ask what the couples hopes to achieve from therapy.

Some clinics offer free initial sessions. You can also book a call with a counselor before you schedule an appointment.

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