Thailand Gaming

Thailand gamers are passionate about playing games and sharing their knowledge with the world. Their love for gaming is more than a simple hobby; it’s also a way to connect with friends and make new connections. Thai gamers are also active on social media and can be followed through Twitter. They share tips and reviews about their favorite games, and you can find them on Twitter using the hashtag #ThailandGaming.

How do gamers make a living?

In addition to traditional gaming, Thailand has a thriving eSports scene. The country has many established gaming companies and the Sport Authority of Thailand has recognized eSports as a sport. Major games such as Call of Duty and Fortnite have Thai-subtitled versions, while several Thai universities have gaming-related curricula.

The government has set up a master plan to boost the digital economy in Thailand. It selected the digital industry as one of the five S-curve industries and has established the Digital Economy Promotion Agency, which focuses on five main areas. The ลงทะเบียนที่  industry is part of the digital content section of the plan. This agency provides assistance to gaming-related businesses in Thailand and is part of the government’s plan for economic growth. The Censorship Committee examines game software and approves or rejects the content it finds offensive or inappropriate.

Statistics show that 95% of Thai gamers use mobile devices to play their games, although consoles and PCs are still the main gaming platforms. In addition, mobile devices are also popular with female gamers. 95% of paying gamers spend money on in-game purchases, with most of them purchasing playable characters.

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