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It’s the Right Time to Have a Credit Card

At this time credit cards are no longer items classified as additional needs. Over time, credit cards have become a major requirement in this millennial era. Evidenced by the number of credit card users in Indonesia has reached around 16 million people.

With various facilities and services offered, the existence of credit cards has become an option. Even to have a credit card is now even easier. Everything, can be done online.

But a number of doubts don’t seem to be separated from some people, wondering when is actually the right time to have a credit card. Try to check first whether this is the right time or not for you to apply for a credit card.


Financial Readiness

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Before applying for a credit card, you should first understand your financial capabilities. Make sure that you are eligible to have a credit card if you are financially capable.

It is said to be financially ready of course if you already have income that is routinely received. Thus, you are included in the category of prospective bankable customers (meeting bank requirements).


Have a Permanent Job

Well, to be able to have financial readiness, of course you must have the income derived from your work. Usually proof that you have a permanent job.

Even as an entrepreneur, evidence is usually included that shows that you own a business. So you do have income earned from businesses that are pioneered, and are eligible to have a credit card.


Likes Practical Transactions


Are you among those who don’t like carrying around cash? Prefer practical things and pay for everything or do cashless transactions?

If indeed you prefer things that are practical, including in transactions or payments, it helps you take advantage of the convenience of facilities owned by credit cards.


Frequent Overseas

Do you also often travel abroad? There are many benefits that can be obtained by having a credit card when in a foreign country.

If you do often travel abroad, you should have a credit card to make transactions easier wherever you are. And there is no longer a story of losing the moment of getting something just because you don’t have a credit card.



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Certain lifestyle can be a determinant that it’s time you have a credit card. For example, if you like shopping because you have a budget that is more than the income set aside. Or you prefer to take a walk, or just hangout at a cafe.

If that’s the case, then it’s about time you have a credit card, because there are shades of promo features offered to suit your lifestyle. If And like traveling, usually credit cards provide promo booking tickets for a particular airline, as well as specialty message. Or, enjoy discounts for menus in restaurants.


Stable Finance

A stable financial condition can also be an indicator that Ana is already eligible for a credit card. With financial stability, it can be a determinant of the amount of the limit or the limit of your credit card value later.

Usually, the limit given by the bank is 30% of your total income, so that credit card payments in the future continue to run smoothly.

In general, types of credit cards are divided into Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The type of credit card should be adjusted to your economic conditions so that their use does not exceed your financial capabilities.


Amount of Debt Not More Than 30%

Amount of Debt Not More Than 30%

One sign that is right for you to have a credit card is the amount of debt you already have no more than 30% of your income. For example, if you have a mortgage (car loan) or a car loan, or money loan, it is better if the total amount does not exceed this percentage.

If the total debt or credit you have is more than 30%, then the financial becomes unhealthy. And if forced to also have a credit card, it is feared that it will cause financial problems in the future.


Apply and Use Credit Card Facilities


If you already feel ready to have a credit card, it’s a good idea to try applying for a credit card to support your various activities. But still, pay close attention to your financial condition before applying for a credit card, so that when the credit card is in your hands, its use becomes more controlled and in accordance with your income and needs.


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