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Credit Card and Debit MasterCard Transactions No Need to Sign


That sentence must have been familiar to our ears when transacting using a credit or debit card. When paying, the cashier will ask if you want to process payments by signature or using a PIN.

At present, the signature is indeed one of the requirements to verify that the credit/debit card payment transaction is legal. But starting April 2018, you no longer need to sign when making payments with a credit card and debit MasterCard logo.

The latest information is sourced directly from, Mastercard will abolish card user signature requirements when dealing with credit/debit cards bearing the mastercard logo.


Reasons MasterCard Abolishes Signature

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MasterCard said the removal of the signature requirement was one of the digital evolution of payment systems and the security of card transactions. Moreover, from the results of Mastercard consumer research, most people recognize that transactions are easier and faster to do without a signature.

Therefore, the goal of removing signatures is to create a fast and easy shopping experience when using a credit/debit card bearing the MasterCard logo.

This is motivated by the results of the MasterCard survey, that more than 80% of shopping transactions in Canada and the United States currently do not require the cardholder’s signature when making a payment transaction. Projected in April 2018, this figure will reach 100%, where transactions at the shopping center will no longer require signatures when paying by credit or debit card.


Transactions Remain Safe Even Without Signatures

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On the other hand, sometimes concerns arise about security? Is it safe if without another signature?

Concerning transaction security, it has become a priority for MasterCard. MasterCard emphasized that deleting signatures would not affect the security of transactions with credit or debit cards.

They have a security system using the latest network and system combined with new digital payment methods such as the use of chips, tokens, biometric systems, and special digital platforms that function as proof of card user identity so that transactions without signatures remain secure.

MasterCard emphasizes that behind what is seen during transactions, there is actually a sophisticated technology behind the scenes that works every second and is always ready to protect every transaction you make.

As part of the innovation, MasterCard also launched an Early Detection System that works to help financial institutions detect and prevent various transaction problems that arise. This new service will provide a unique warning to card issuers and their users in the event of a burglary or data leak.


Fingerprint on MasterCard Credit Cards

Credit Cards

To support transactions that are more practical, fast and secure, the latest innovation has been done by MasterCard, namely creating a credit card with a fingerprint sensor embedded under the card. So when the transaction, users no longer need to use a signature or PIN again, just a finger touch.

Cards with fingerprint sensors are being tested in South Africa, and additional trials in Europe and the Asia Pacific region. It is targeted that the implementation of the MasterCard fingerprint credit card is ready to be launched at the end of 2017.


Convenient and Secure Transactions with Cards

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Aside from security, convenience is also a concern of MasterCard. It was revealed that consumers wanted a payment method that was practical and easy when shopping. The deletion of the signature requirements is one of the supports made by MasterCard for MasterCard merchants.

This step is believed to help traders speed up the payment process, and savings for merchants in terms of storing signatures, and of course more convenience for consumers.

MasterCard believes consumers are ready to evolve transactions without signatures. Most people are not worried and feel safe when they have to transaction without a signature. All this will be implemented in April 2018.


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